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How Internet Changed the Industry

The Internet has changed the life of all. Almost all industries, organizations, banks, academics, agriculture, trading sector, retail sectors, etc. have great influence of the internet on their success and development. But the question is how? How the internet changed the industry? What role does it play in the success of these industries? Let us find the major departments or areas of an industry which totally rely on the Internet:

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Areas Dependent on Internet:

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a method to promote brands and products online and through other digital channels. Digital marketing aims to help businesses reach these target consumers through the internet and other digital avenues. The Internet gives a platform to place advertisements with the potential to reach thousands or millions of consumers around the world. Therefore, those industries which are using digital marketing technique are growing faster than those who are not using this technique.


Inventory and Sales:

The Internet also provides retailers an additional channel to sell their products. Many years ago, a retail store doesn’t exist physically was all but unheard of. But today, you can order or buy almost everything you want on the Internet by simply visiting a company’s site, this website is working the same as a store but doesn’t physically. This allows the company to sell more and more products without the expense of having to rent out and stock additional retail floor space. All the working related to inventory and sales is done online. This means without the internet this won’t be possible.



Internet plays an important role in exchanging useful information using chat, e-mail etc. Farmers can improve their information services through the creative use of the internet. Agricultural problems are being covered by national media such as Newspapers, TV, and Radio only at a small level due to time constraint. But the internet covers a larger part by providing the information nonstop in the local language, also. In a successful country such as the U.S.A., most of the great farmers are utilizing the internet to communicate, to get information, and for buying necessary products or selling outputs.


Market Research:

Collecting information related to the habits and preferences of consumers is an important part of marketing. If you don’t know about the choice of your customers, who are your competitors and how much your customers are willing to pay for the products you are selling then it will be difficult for you to offer the correct products to the marketplace. Here the Internet can be used to collect consumer information with the help of email surveys, Web-based surveys, and online tools that help you track user preferences and activities.


Changes Internet Made in Industries

The internet is no doubt a game changer for a large list of well-known industries. Therefore there is a need to point out the changes internet made in these industries:

Inefficiency in Traditional Market:

As the internet is used so widely, therefore it has become the leading method people follow to gather information. People who are habitual of using the fast pace of the internet seem to be impressed by traditional marketing methods for instance phone calls, television, and mail.


Instantaneous Response:

Response time is become nearly instantaneous just because of the internet. Now, people don’t have to wait so long for the response. Also, within no time an advertisement is first created and then published on the internet to make it available to the customers.


Costs are Reduced:

Since the internet is completely virtual, it can be utilized to drastically decrease the cost of mediums for marketing. Regardless of spending a lot of money into the making of paper ads and then giving even more to distribute them.


Geographic Boundaries Are Vanishing:

Many years ago, small companies located in specific areas were restricted to reach only the people near that area. But by using the internet, companies can spread their reach as far as they want to, even spreading internationally. Therefore, geographic boundaries are disappearing and they are no longer a hurdle in marketing.



Above changes internet made in the industries shows that the internet played a vital role in the development of some well-known industries and it is obvious that these industries use require heavy internet. 4G internet networks are perfect for them and Intercel provides the best categories of 4gx routers that help industries in using fast internet. Four different types of 4gx router are available on Intercel’s site.

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